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Mixed Bed Resin for High Purity Water Applications


    AMBERLITE MB20 Resin is an ionically equilibrated mixed bed resin. It is a fully regenerated, ready-to-use mixture of a strong acid cation exchanger with a strong base type 1 anion exchanger. AMBERLITE MB20 Resin has been developed for the production of high purity water. It can be used for all applications requiring totally demineralised water, free of silica and of carbon dioxide.

    The operating capacity of the mixed bed can be estimated using the following formula, which gives an approximate determination of volume of water that can be treated:

BV =



gals =


TDS (meq/l)

TDS (as CaCO3)

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

    where BV (Bed Volume) is the number of litres of a feed water containing a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) given in meq/L (or gals per ft3 resin with TDS as CaCO3) that can be demineralised with one litre of the resin mixture when run to exhaustion.

    If required, AMBERLITE MB20 Resin can be regenerated after exhaustion. Both components must be separated by backwashing and regenerated separately.

Suggested Operating Conditions

Physical form

Mixture of white to amber spherical beads


Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer

Functional groups

Sulphonic acid and trimethylammonium

Ionic form as shipped


Composition in volume

38?4% cation, 56?2% anion

Shipping density

715 g/L (45 lbs/ft3)

Particle size


< 0.300 mm, max.


Maximum operating temperature

60ºC / 140ºF

Minimum bed depth

700 mm (2.3 ft)

Service flow rate

20?0 BV*/h (2.5? gpm/ft3)




Cation: HCl or H2SO4 ; Anion: NaOH

*1 BV (Bed Volume) = 1 m3 solution per m3 resin or 7.5 gals per ft3 resin


    25 liter bags or 7 cubic foot drum

Hydraulic Characteristics

Product Stewardship

    Dow has a fundamental concern for all who make, distribute, and use its products, and for the environment in which we live. This concern is the basis for our product stewardship philosophy by which we assess the safety, health, and environmental information on our products and then take appropriate steps to protect employee and public health and our environment. The success of our product stewardship program rests with each and every individual involved with Dow products - from the initial concept and research, to manufacture, use, sale, disposal, and recycle of each product.

Customer Notice

    Dow strongly encourages its customers to review both their manufacturing processes and their applications of Dow products from the standpoint of human health and environmental quality to ensure that Dow products are not used in ways for which they are not intended or tested. Dow personnel are available to answer your questions and to provide reasonable technical support. Dow product literature, including safety data sheets, should be consulted prior to use of Dow products. Current safety data sheets are available from Dow.

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